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Calling all mamas!! I know a lot of you are new(ish) mamas like me, mamas-to-be or definitely know some moms lol, and that’s why I’m so excited to be sharing with you that you can WIN YOUR REGISTRY* with Indigobaby! This is SUCH an awesome contest y’all, and during the month of May if you create your baby registry with Indigobaby you can win your selected items (up to $5,000!!!). 

All you have to do is: 

  • Create an Indigobaby Registry with your plum membership
  • Add 15 unique items to your Registry
  • Enter the contest at

As I’m sure you know, so many of the items I registered for when I was pregnant were from Indigo, and why I’m really excited for you to explore their offerings + register yourself using their service is because I loved everything I got from them and still use some of the items daily (19 months later & counting). In fact, most of the stuff I would use if we have another baby bc I genuinely loved what we got. 

To help get your registry started, these are my top registry picks from Indigobaby:

SHOP | carrier | stroller caddy | baby brezza | keekaroo change mat | nanit baby cam | diaper bag | tub insert | bugaboo stroller | car seat | activity gym | swing

I want to call out a couple things for each of these products since I’ve tried + tested them and know how overwhelming all the options can feel (especially for a first baby!). 
Carrier: Isla graduated from the wrap-style carriers pretty quickly, so we used this one around the house, on the go and even in Mexico! I love that it’s easily adjustable and neutral bc Ryan and I both used it. 

Stroller Caddy: I’ll be honest, I didn’t register for one of these and got it quite late and just wish I had it sooner. Great for all your essentials, I can close the stroller with it attached and it washes easy. 

Baby Brezza: This is one of my favourite baby items ever. In fact, we still use it daily. When I was registering I was so fixated on breastfeeding that I didn’t register for a formula dispenser… when that didn’t work out as planned, I got this one and it changed my life. I would recommend registering for both options, so you have what you need once you figure out what works for you! Remember, fed is best, and I will definitely use this again if we have another baby. 

Keekaroo Change Mat: Again, we still use this everyday. It’s wipes incredibly easy, and what you can’t tell online is that it’s actually a very soft rubber with some give so it’s comfy for baby. One of my best decisions to not buy a change pad and cover that I’d have to wash all the time. 

Nanit Baby Cam: The only camera we’ve used since day 1 and I love it! I can’t speak to any others but am so happy we registered for this one. It’s all accessible on your phone and you can access it remotely. It was so nice in the early days if we went out at night and someone was home watching Isla to be able to see her. 

Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Much like the carrier, this bag is neutral, great for both parents and has all the compartments you need. I love that it wipes easy and can be propped to stay open during changing/feedings. 

Baby Tub: We had a few of these in the beginning and this one was the most functional and the one we used the longest! 

Bugaboo Bee Stroller: I talk about this stroller a lot because I love it lol. If you want something compact, smooth and comfy for baby, this is it. We use it everyday and have travelled with it. It also has tons of attachments to explore! 

Carseat: We got this carseat largely bc it was adaptable with stroller and we knew we wanted that one. It’s honestly not as stand out as the other items, but I wanted to call it out bc it’s what we actually used. It’s safe, washes easy, and we would still use again for another baby.

Activity Gym: We loved this thing before Isla became mobile! Moves to different rooms easily, is nice and stimulating for baby (different textures, colours, music) and is quite aesthetically pleasing as far as baby gyms go lol. 

Swing: Ok, so I don’t think this swing existed when we registered but I LOVE it, and a swing is a must-have in my opinion. This is totally one I would get for a second baby. Trust me you’re gonna be grateful for anything that gives you your hands for a few minutes lol!

If you have any questions on any of these products, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note!! Happy registering & GOOD LUCK! x 

*This post is in partnership with Indigobaby, but all thoughts are my personal & unbiased opinions* *Conditions apply. Visit for full contest rules.


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