Gender Prediction – Testing Old Wives Tales

Since I’m officially halfway through this pregnancy (how!?), and opted to not find out the baby’s sex last week at my check up, I thought it would be fun in lieu of to test some old wives tales for gender prediction to see where we land! 

Before you see the score, let me know if you’re team boy or girl for #babypeachno2!
Also, I know I’ll get asked, so you can shop the dress in the pic here (amazing if you’re expecting or not, but definitely size down!) x

Chinese calendar: GIRL 

Heart rate: GIRL (this is typically if the heartrate is high, +160 I think?)

Cravings: BOY (mainly salty, carbs, but also lots of cold fruit!) 

Ring test: GIRL (if a ring on a string spins over your belly it’s a girl, if it sways back and forth it’s a boy) 

How I’m carrying: TBD! Still too early to tell I think!! 

Glow test: GIRL (I am definitely not glowing lol)

Sick: GIRL (x100… I was so sick basically up until last week)

Hair/Skin: GIRL (I think this kind of goes hand in hand with the ‘glowing’ but my skin hates me rn lol) 

Side sleeping: GIRL (sleeping on the right side more, left indicates boy. Although I’d really love if I could still sleep on my back lol) 

Partner weight gain: BOY (Ryan is normal and any changes would be blamed on covid lol) 

Moodiness: GIRL (but again, I would say this probably moreso due to being stuck inside until recently lol) 

GIRL, 8 / BOY, 2


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