2nd Trimester Update #babypeachno2

Cannot believe that we are just a few short weeks from being through the 2nd trimester with #babypeachno2! I thought I would do a quick written update with some of the questions I’ve been receiving — if you missed the 1st trimester update, that was jam packed with a ton of stuff + anything that is seemingly missing here 🙂

Will get right into your 2nd trimester questions!
How are you feeling?
Always appreciate this question (ty!), and am happy to say my extreme nausea/puking/exhaustion subsided around week 18 this time around… I’m definitely feeling MUCH better, but am still pretty tired + sore by the end of the day (I guess such is life when pregnant and chasing/carrying a 30lb toddler lol). Heat packs have been a lifesaver, and just trying to stay active as much as I can without physically attending in person classes (still being cautious with the pandemic, so am avoiding indoor/mask off stuff). Also, this baby kicks non stop like Isla did, and the heartburn is back lol.

Do you have names picked?
As I mentioned in the last update, we have our girl and boy names picked, which was our boy name from last time (if Isla had been a boy), and our runner-up girl name from that same time. Happy we haven’t changed our minds with those, but we don’t have middle names yet… aka Ryan is being difficult and not agreeing with the ones I like lol. Granted, the ones I like are pretty out there, but he knows who he married so throw me a bone lol. Hoping to land on some soon.

I know you’re not sharing, but do you guys know the gender?
I guess some people do this, but no, we don’t know ourselves. Surprise all around 🙂

What do you have planned for nursery decor?
Once again, going super gender neutral for obvious reasons, but also because that’s just our taste. I won’t be doing any extra special touches in this house since we’ll be starting construction in the Spring, but so far I’ve bought this crib and this rug. Wanted to do something different from Isla’s vibe since we’ll already be repurposing her rocker and the same dresser she has. This is the chair that will be going in Isla’s room instead. Otherwise, hoping to get some cute artwork and maybe a faux plant? Pretty minimal this time around and the room is tiny.

Ways you’re preparing Isla?
Honestly, if you have any suggestions let me know lol! We try to tell her there’s a baby in mama’s belly and stuff like that, but I don’t think she grasps it really. Maybe she’ll start to once the room comes together but I think more likely she’ll just think she’s getting a second bed lmao. Plan to get her a book about being a big sis, and I’ve heard bringing home a gift for her from the new baby is a hit so maybe that.

Did you find anything that worked for your eczema?
For anyone who missed me sharing this on my IG, I developed some pregnancy-induced eczema on my hands which I’ve never had and was making me CRAZY. Like literally waking me up in the night bc it was itching. I tried all my regular / clean creams but I ended up using a topical steroid cream that my OB said was fine to get it under control. Now it’s gone and I’ve gone back to just my regular moisturizers, thank god. If you’re suffering, definitely chat with your doctor!!

Do you want more babies after this one?
I’ve gotten asked this a lot, and happy to say #babypeachno2 will be completing our crew lol. Pre-babies we discussed up to 3, but I feel really grateful and content with two, and am just happy Isla will have a sibling close in age. So yea, we done lol.

That was pretty much all the net new 2nd trimester stuff for now! Here for any q’s you have and hope you find these updates fun! xx


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