My Breastfeeding Experience + Upcoming Feeding Plans for Baby no.2

I’ve mentioned in passing over the last almost 2 years that my breastfeeding experience with Isla was a reallllll struggle – between a tough time latching right off the bat and low supply despite my best efforts, I called it after only a few weeks. 

It was definitely one of the hardest pieces of newborn life for me, and before I stopped it was really starting to take a toll on my mental state. I felt so defeated and didn’t realize how difficult it can be since none of my super close friends had babies yet & my mom’s breastfeeding experience back in the day was a dream. Looking back, I also didn’t love the breast pump that I had (despite doing a ton of research when I registered for it), and the whole thing felt like a very unsuccessful chore. I never once in those weeks had enough supply to even start a backstock and was always worried about how much Isla was actually taking in.

Looking ahead to baby no.2, my plan is to try and breastfeed again (with the help of some very exciting innovations from Philips Avent!!), but before I get into that, I just want to say to any new moms reading this struggling right now or any moms who have been there, FED IS BEST. Always. Do not let yourself feel upset if something isn’t working out as planned. With a daughter who, as I mentioned, was formula-fed aside from a few weeks (& even then I was supplementing), I can say that she is healthy, happy, 95th percentile for height and weight to this day AND smart as a whip. You’re doing great!!

I am hoping I’ll have an easier go with my breastfeeding experience this time around and am going to give it another shot! I do recognize the benefits and convenience and am so excited to have the Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump in my arsenal this time around. Not only does it have natural motion technology for a quicker milk flow and is extremely comfortable & gentle with soft adaptable silicone cushion (tyvm because last time I literally had to have antibiotics for my nipples… not fun), BUT it’s also rechargeable and PORTABLE. That is one of the smartest things to me since sitting on the edge of our sofa where I was close enough to be plugged into a wall was awful. This will be so much more convenient and even has a belt so you can be hands free while pumping (as a soon-to-be mom of 2, I KNOW I need to maximize the time I have to get stuff done lol).

I will also be prepared with the Philips Avent Natural Bottles – even if breastfeeding goes swimmingly, you can bet I still plan to incorporate bottle-feeding so that Ryan can help out. He loves being involved and I love the break and being able to see the exact amount baby is eating lol. They come in glass and plastic which is great because for on-the-go the non-breakable option is nice. I also love that the nipples have different flow rates because that made a huge difference with Isla (she loved to eat and would swallow too fast and then be uncomfortable with gas!).

Throwback to me with brand new Isla!!

Lastly, I’m also super excited for the Philips Avent Premium Sterilizer & Dryer! It sanitizes in just 10 mins and then fully dries your bottles & accessories in 30, turns off automatically and uses no chemicals! Again, there are other items like this out there, but the one I had last time was SO bulky and difficult with so many pieces and had to go in the microwave.. I just couldn’t be bothered. This one is super sleek (helpful when counter space is minimal!), and very streamlined.

Bottom line, whether you decide to breast or bottle feed, Philips Avent has everything you need to do so with ease so you can focus on the important thing – feeding your new little one!!! I will be sharing more on my experience with these products in the coming months & once baby comes, so stay tuned & let me know any questions! x

*This post is in partnership with Philips Avent, but all thoughts are my personal & unbiased opinions*


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  1. M
    December 14, 2021 / 3:05 am

    So nice of you to share and help new moms to be!! 🤗

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