Isla’s 3rd Birthday – All the details of her chic Mickey Party

Hot diggity, Isla’s 3! I’m excited to share some more photos + details of Isla’s 3rd birthday from last weekend. I actually had wanted to take her to Disney in lieu of a party, but Ryan and I decided it would be better to wait until Skye is a bit older and can enjoy it more, too. So, we landed on a chic Mickey theme instead, which I thought was a safe bet since she loves him and her other favourite characters change weekly (toddler life, amirite?).

I was inspired for Isla’s 3rd birthday by the Disney artwork we have hanging in her room. I knew I wanted to go more with neutrals (shocking lol), and more of the vintage/sketch Mickey Mouse, so it really gave me a jumping off point. We focused on a light parchment, black and white palette, with small pops of the Mickey red and yellows. I love how it turned out and I think it was a perfect combo of fun for the kids without hurting my eyes lol.

Backdrop by HavanaLuxe Decor

This was the first year we hosted her party indoors and it was the first year we got rain so it really worked out (the last two years we were in our own backyard, but our house is under construction rn so it wasn’t an option!). Even though we had a backdrop area this year which was the bigger focal point, I’m SO glad we still included a bounce castle bc it’s such a hit with all the ages of kids (I will probably include one for many years to come bc it honestly is such an easy crowd pleaser). The backdrop and all balloons were by the talented HavanaLuxe Décor, and the bounce castle is courtesy of Décor & Fiesta.

This was also the first year we did loot bags, and it was such a nice inexpensive touch for the kids. I made the bags myself, and we put play-doh, mickey mouse stickers, a mini chocolate dipped oreo and the mickey head balloons on sticks in each. Balloons not included, it costed me under $100 for 16 kids including the bag themselves. On the loot bag table, we also had Mickey ear party hats. As you can see by the photos, Isla LIVES for party hats and refuses to take them off so these made her really happy. I mentioned on my stories this was first time we were able to incorporate some store-bought items to our theme and it was such a huge help and made things so fun. The Mickey party hats, napkins, plates, cups and food picks are all from PartyCity Canada (who were a sponsored partner for this year + we’re so happy they were!).

Isla living her absolute best life with her party hat

For food, once again Sammy Cakes absolutely killed it for Isla’s 3rd birthday cake(s). She’s always so on board with my ideas and truly executes them flawlessly (plus, they taste incredibly good). This was the first year covid wasn’t a huge concern, but we still did individual mini cakes (complete with ears, naturally), bc I’ve honestly wanted to do something like these forever and it means that I don’t have to be slicing cake and serving everyone. Huge hit + mom win. The designs for the custom cookies also honestly blew me away, and were done exactly I was hoping by That Sweet Bite, who is another one of our repeat vendors.

Another Sammy Cakes masterpiece for the books

Because it was a Mickey theme, we had to have hot diggity dogs (duh!) and I’d say of everything at the party, the gourmet corn dogs were what I got asked most about lol. We also had fresh pretzels which just gives me Disneyland vibes. The Disney parks also majorly inspired the Mickey head balloons that, as I type this, are still up on the roof in our living room, and that Jess from HavanaLuxe Décor really went above and beyond on for me (you can’t buy them bc they’re licensed to Disney!).

The piece de resistance if you will, were our special guests, MICKEY + MINNIE!! It was not easy to find them (all the characters I was coming across were very princess-focused, which is not Isla’s preference lol), and I actually ended up messaging one of the companies I saw and liked and they did have them in their roster just not recently advertised! They were incredible, very punctual and stayed in character even when speaking with me and the adults lol. For days after Isla was telling me that Mickey and Minnie came to her birthday all the way from Disneyland and then flew back (heart melt).

I also have to share a little story, that when we got to the space the morning-of the party, it was still full of stuff from a WEDDING (??) the night before. I’m talking a stage, pergola, spot lights, catering stuff and probably a hundred rental chairs. I had a slight mental breakdown, coupled with a stack of said chairs falling on my hand, and it was really my sister, bestie Sam and Jess of HavanaLuxe who calmed me down and helped to get everything hidden into closets in the room (lol) and out of the space. I tell everyone who will listen that I have the best crew in the world, and they really showed up for our girl.

Last but certainly not least, I want to give a very special shoutout to Elaine Fancy Photography, who is a dear friend to our family, stellar photographer and has made time three years and counting to capture all these memories for us!!

That’s all I got for ya from Isla’s 3rd birthday! I hope this helps any fellow parents with their planning + that you have FUN with it. I know there are so many mixed opinions on kids’ parties being over the top, but it genuinely brings me so much joy to do this for my kids, and Isla loves it (we’ll see about Skye come November lol). If I missed anything, just drop me a note and I’ll get back to you! Thank you everyone for your sweet wishes to our THREE YEAR OLD (sobs)!! xx


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  1. Rara
    September 30, 2022 / 4:11 am

    It was absolutely the best Mickey and Minnie party. Isla’s was so happy and excited! Beautiful day and memory! Well done Michelle!

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