Design Files: The Great Door Hardware Debate

I’ve shared a lot about how I love the level of personalization that building a custom home allows for, but how it can also be daunting, especially for someone like me (read, perfectionist), because there’s a lot of pressure to get everything just right. This could not be truer than with the way I have agonized over the door hardware in our house. Not only did I end up having to get the doors themselves custom-made because I couldn’t find what I wanted, but it took me ages to decide on the hardware. I can’t explain it, aside from that nothing felt right. But the great door hardware debate as I’m calling it, was settled as soon I came across Grandeur Hardware. I knew instantly it was what I had been looking for and would fit the aesthetic of the house perfectly.

The main thing that steered my decision, was that I realized I wanted a knob and not a lever (which is definitely the less promoted of the two options right now). Levers throughout, and for the style of our doors, felt a smidge too modern (our home is definitely true ‘transitional’). I also hate how I constantly hit and get caught on the current levers in our rental (probably just a me problem lol, but annoying nonetheless). SO, the Grandeur Hardware Carre Short Plate with Fifth Avenue Knob were the perfect solution. I love the detailed backplate and that it adds just a little something special. We did go for levers for any double doors (like our primary bedroom), and for those we we went with the Fifth Avenue Long Plate with Georgetown Lever. I also appreciate how many finish options Grandeur Hardware offers for each knob! It allowed me to mix and match bronze and brass throughout the house really seamlessly and where it made the most sense with the rest of our finishes.

Since I don’t plan to make any changes to the hardscapes anytime soon lol, I’ve mentioned a lot that we’ve been really focused on quality and materials. All Grandeur Hardware knobs are made of solid brass (most companies use hollow knobs and faux finishes), and that definitely shows in the products… they’re gorg and have a really nice weight to them!! Plus, they all have a lifetime warranty which is exactly what we want in our forever home.

Another huge plus (for Ryan and anyone else doing the actual work) is that despite the luxury of all GH knobs, they have simple installation and qualities to mitigate common wear-and-tear issues like trim alignment. That means they’ll stay beautiful and smooth over time.

Overall, I truly could not be happier with our door hardware and can’t wait to get them installed and share the final product!! Which way do you lean, knob or lever? And which is your favourite from GH?? Any questions, drop them in the comments! x

*This post is in partnership with Grandeur Hardware, but all thoughts are my personal & unbiased opinions*


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