Skye’s First Trip Around The Sun Party

Finally getting around to sharing some more of the details from Skye’s First Trip Around The Sun Party! You all had such lovely feedback on it, and some questions that I wanted to get to.

One of the main questions was how I determine themes for the girls’ birthdays… usually I just see something I like and build on that, but in this case, I knew from when I was pregnant that if it was a girl again her name would be Skye, and this would be her first birthday theme lol. Just based on her name I wanted to go the celestial route but let’s face it, first birthdays are more for the parents lol, so I wanted to use the chance to make it a little more sophisticated. I had several of our vendors say they had never done a first trip around the sun party, or, if they had, it was either rockets/astronauts for a boy, or lots of pink/rainbows/suns for a girl. I’m really happy we were able to make this unique! I suggest starting a Pinterest board or IG folder for upcoming party ideas and saving things you like so when the time comes, you can see if anything aligns with your kid’s interests and build on some of those ideas you liked!

Probably the most asked question is how I made the clouds for the party, and I do still plan to make a reel showing exactly what I did (once things slow down a bit post-holidays!), but in the meantime, you can shop everything I used and all the other tabletop items I purchased here.

As with all the girls’ birthdays, Havana Luxe Décor NAILED my vision and description for the backdrop and balloons. Sammy Cakes is the master behind the cake (and all the cakes you will ever see me post) and I love how we planned to use some of the stir sticks I had bought for the drinks to create the ‘topper’. That Sweet Bite made the most detailed and chic cookies, and the beautiful taper candle centerpiece is from Candle Life Co.

For the menu, we catered classic brunch food and I really loved the sit down style and that everyone was able to enjoy and chat a bit! Skye’s party hat was a really sweet hand me down from her big sis. All party photos captured by the talented Elaine Fancy Photography.

Thanks for all the love for Skye’s First Trip Around The Sun party!! If there’s anything I missed, drop me a question below! xx


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