I think it’s safe to say that Isla chose the absolute best possible year to pick a Malibu Barbie party as her birthday theme, and I could not be happier with how it turned it out for her! Her and all her friends had an amazing time, and as far as execution it was relatively low-lift for me. Read on for all the deets… and also, HOW DO I HAVE A FOUR YEAR OLD?!

For the décor, almost everything came from Party City Canada, as well as all the balloons to create the arch over the Barbie box (you can watch how I put it all together, here). The box itself was a rental off Facebook Marketplace, and I did all the printed graphics and florals (welcome sign, menus, barbie silhouette chargers). This was the first year we did a kids table (rented from Shirel Décor), and I will 100% be doing it moving forward. Not only did it give me an opportunity to create a cute tablescape which is among my favourite things in life, but it was so functional for the kids to eat, drop their water bottles, take a rest, etc.

Food was also a light lift bc we went with easy-to-eat options that came in boxes already in line with the colour scheme – Blondies Pizza (fitting lol), Cops doughnuts and a beautiful cake by Coopers Cake Co. fit for a barbie girl. I highly recommend a side slab cake for easy and quick serving as well (but still outfitted just as nicely!).

As far as activities, we really only had the bounce castle, bc what more do you need?! Lol. The kids did not want to get out of there! We rent every year from Décor & Fiesta and I thought it was a good opp to do a non-white one and Isla LOVED it. We also had amazing loot bags from our friends at Indigo and Mattel, which included a Barbie (or Ken!) for every kid and an amazing sticker activity book. I loved that it was something useful that they could play with for a long time and that wasn’t annoying or messy for parents to receive. I also love that we had a multicultural variety of Barbies! We also had Barbie sunglasses for the kids (also from Party City Canada) that were maybe only second to the bouncy castle.

All the incredible Malibu Barbie party photos you see here are by my friend Missy of Squish and Sprout Photography, who absolutely NAILED capturing everything (and not capturing our unfinished landscaping lol)! Last but not least, shoutout to Isla’s tias who help me every year and I am eternally grateful for! Our shirts are from etsy, and Isla’s Barbie fit is by H&M kids.

Thanks for all the bday love to my angel girl!! See you in November for Skye’s 2nd! xx


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  1. Rara
    November 27, 2023 / 1:51 am

    Love every little thing you did! ❤️

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