Skye’s 2nd Birthday Paw-ty

My littlest love turned two a couple of weeks ago and I can hardly believe it! We threw her a 2nd birthday paw-ty to celebrate, and I have to say, I love how much she loved it, but also our take on the popular theme and the ease of putting it together!

My goal was to make it a chic 2nd birthday paw-ty, AND to make sure she would have as much fun as at her sister’s – that meant renting a smaller-than-usual bounce castle that could fit IN the house. We rented an 8x8ft one from bounce & fiesta, and honestly it was perfect and as far as the kids were concerned, we didn’t need much else! They only came out for cake lol. I’ve gotten a ton of messages from the reel I posted that you all love seeing inspo for at-home parties, and if you can swing it by moving around some furniture, I highly recommend the bounce castle!

This was the second time we got a kid’s table, and I really think it’s perfect for my kids’ ages right now and the ranges of their friends (2- 4yo). It gives them a spot to sit and eat, park their water bottles or take a break. We did really simple but pretty tabletop décor from Party City Canada (my fave were the gold balloon dogs!), and I made an image for the frame tv. For the balloons, we made all three mini garlands from one garland kit, and the Dalmatian spot stickers are from Amazon.

For food, simple was again the name of the game and we ordered from a local spot called San Remo Bakery. The cake was from the grocery store, and I just added the little puppy figurines and candles. The stand out food item was definitely the custom puppy cookies by That Sweet Bite by CG!

Lastly, we set up an ‘adoption’ area for the kids’ takeaway that included puppy stuffies in little ‘dog house’ boxes (both from Amazon). I created little adoption certificate cards that matched the rest of the signage and it was so adorable to see what the kids named their pups!

All the beautiful photos are from Stef Maqz Creates, who absolutely nailed capturing everything! I said this last year about Skye’s birthday, but I honestly think this may be favourite theme to date – what do you think??


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  1. Rara
    November 27, 2023 / 1:49 am

    It was perfect!!

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